• Title:                CLIA Cyber Liability Insurance Group Policy:

    Protecting Your Firm and Your Clients

    Original Broadcast Date:               May 17, 2018

    Description: All lawyers insured by CLIA now have mandatory cybercrime coverage. But do you know how the policy works and what you and your firm must do to qualify for coverage?

    Lawyers and law firms are potential targets for hackers, ransomware and cyber criminals.  CLIA’s Cyber Liability Program provides cybercrime coverage for insured lawyers and their clients.

    In this one-hour webinar, the Law Society of Manitoba’s Director of Insurance, Tana Christianson, will review the scope of coverage under the policy and how to access that coverage.

    You will also hear from Sean Rivera and Simon Young of the Law Society of Manitoba’s IT department about the cybercrime risks out there and how you can protect yourself, your firm and your clients so that hopefully you won’t ever need to make a claim. They will also explain what your firm needs to do from an IT perspective to meet the conditions of coverage.

    Moderator: Tana Christianson, Director of Insurance

    Sean Rivera, Director of Information Technology
    Simon Young, Director of Information Systems Development

    Run Time:        60 minutes

    MCPD hours:    1 hour

    EPPM hours:     1 hour

    Price:                     $40 + GST ($42.00)

  • Title:               Innovating Regulation  (FREE Webinar )

    Original Broadcast Date:               June 6, 2016

    Description: In November 2015 the Legal Profession Act was amended to give the Law Society authority to govern the entities through which lawyers provide legal services. Since then the Law Society has been working to develop a framework for the regulation of entities that will enhance its ability to protect the public interest.

    The Society is considering the adoption of a compliance based or outcomes focused model, which is one form of proactive entity regulation that is rapidly gaining traction around the globe. It is a model which focuses on management principles and outcomes that have the potential to benefit both the public and the profession.

    Come and learn about these important developments and how entity regulation may impact you and your law firm. Find out about the consultation process and how you can provide your input.

    Ted Bock, Past President, Law Society of Manitoba
    Mike Finlayson, Chair, President's Special Committee on Entity Regulation
    Darcia Senft, General Counsel and Director – Policy and Ethics, Law Society of Manitoba
    Kris Dangerfield, Chief Executive Officer, Law Society of Manitoba

    Run Time:        30 minutes

    MCPD hours:    0.5

    EPPM hours:     0.5

    Price:                Free

    Self enrolment