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2013 Joint Family Law Program
2014 Annual Joint Family Law Program || ChequeMate: The Challenges of Spousal Support
2016 Annual Joint Family Law Program || To Line 150 & Beyond: Exploring the Frontiers of Income Imputation
2017 Annual Joint Family Law Program - Confusion Corner

  • This resource provides the opportunity to review the webinar presentation by Darlene Baker Director, Maintenance Enforcement Program, Cheryl McGibbon and Candray Mehkary (both from Justice Manitoba Family Law Branch), on changes to the system of Maintenance Enforcement in Manitoba as of December 31, 2011, followed by some review questions

    Time: 1.5 hour webinar

    CPD Hours: 1.5

    Cost:  $50.00 (plus GST = $52.50)  

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  • Title:               Family Division Case Management Changes:
                              Practical Tips and "How To" Session

    Date:               October 27, 2015

    Description: A series of changes to Queen’s Bench Rule 70, including many relating to case management practices and procedures come into effect November 1. Learn about these changes and how they will affect your day-to-day practice from the perspectives of the Bench, the Bar and court administrative staff. This program will provide practical tips to prepare you to navigate the new landscape.

    Presenters:      Justice Laurie Allen, Court of Queen’s Bench, Family Division  | Randall Horton, Deeley Fabbri Sellen   |  Marta Smith, Duboff Edwards Haight & Schachter   |  Sharon Wolbaum, Acting Case Management Coordinator, Queen’s Bench Trial and Motions

    Run Time:        1.5 hours

    MCPD hours:    1.5 hours

    EPPM hours:     nil

    Price:                $50 + GST ($52.50)

  • Title:              For the Sake of the Children...For Lawyers

    Date:               October 31, 2017


    Has a client ever asked you any of these questions?
    · My kids don’t want to go for their weekend visit, what should I do?
    · He cancelled his scheduled visit with the kids, what should I tell them?
    · The kids are blaming me for the separation, but she was the one who cheated, can I tell them the truth?
    · He wants to come to gymnastics but it’s my day with the kids, can I stop him?
    · She wants to bring her boyfriend to our son’s hockey game, is that allowed?

    You want to be helpful to your client but do you know how you should respond? This program will provide you with information given to parents who attend For the Sake of the Children program offered to parents by Family Conciliation, but in a condensed format and tailored to focus on the information most relevant to lawyers.

    Topics will include:  
    · The Separation Experience
    · Children’s Developmental Issues
    · Children’s Reactions
    · Emotional Separation – the grieving process – both from a parent’s and a child’s perspective – there is a difference!
    · Services offered by Family Conciliation
    · Economic Separation – both from a parent’s and a child’s perspective
    · Children’s Needs for Boundaries
    · The Cost of Conflict / The Benefits of Cooperation
    · Ongoing Parenting and Communication
    · Ongoing Relationships with Extended Families
    · New Partners

    Presenter:      Kathy Balagus, Coordinator, Family Conciliation Services

    Run Time:        1.25 hours

    MCPD hours:    1.5 hours

    EPPM hours:     0 hours

    Price:                $50 + GST ($52.5)

  • This presentation was made on September 24, 2014.  Associate Chief Justice Rivoalen, Marta Smith, and Greg Evans discuss the best ways to conduct client relationships and court appearances.

    Run Time:     1.25 hours

    MCPD Hours: 1.5

    Cost:              $50 + GST ($52.50)

  • Title:               Hot Issues in Spousal Support: Help from the Revised User’s Guide to the SSAG

    Date:               October 14, 2016

    Description: The Revised User's Guide to the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines was released by the Department of Justice in April 2016. The "RUG" addresses just about every current issue in the law of spousal support, including some of the hottest issues like:

    •    Entitlement: compensatory or non-compensatory?
    •    Determining income, including post-separation income changes
    •    Location of amount and duration in the SSAG ranges
    •    Exceptions, including disability cases
    •    Variation and review, including "material change"
    •    Re-partnering, retirement, self-sufficiency, and much, much more

    Presenter:      Professor Rollie Thompson, Q.C., Schulich School of Law, Dalhousie University

    Run Time:        2 hours

    MCPD hours:    2 hours

    EPPM hours:     0.5 hours

    Price:                $65 + GST ($68.25)

  • Title:            
    Valuations & Accounting Issues under The Family Property Act (FPA): What Every Lawyer Needs to Know

    May 3, 2018

    Do you know the answers to the following questions?

    • What traps exist for the unwary lawyer in FPA Valuations?
    • How do you get a proper valuation of an operating business or a family corporation?
    • What can a Chartered Business Valuator do for your client?
    • How do you value a pre-owned family asset?
    • What is the proper process for an Accounting hearing before the Master?
    • What evidence is necessary to get the order you want?

    You should, and you will, after attending this practical afternoon presentation.

    Our experienced panel, which includes a seasoned Family Law Lawyer, an expert Valuator with experience testifying in court and a Master from the Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench, will discuss examples and provide practical tips and advice that you can immediately use in your practice.

    This program will be of special interest to any family law practitioner who has faced valuation or accounting issues, especially for those in the earlier stages of their career.

    Master Shayne Berthaudin, Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench   
    Norm Yusim, Fillmore Riley LLP   
    Al Martyszenko,
    CA, CFA, CBV,  M Group Chartered Accountants LLP

    MCPD hours:   
    3 hours

    EPPM hours:    
    0.5 hours

    $105 + GST  = $110.25