Criminal Evidence in Family Law Cases
(Criminal Evidence in Family Law Cases)

Title:               Criminal Evidence in Family Law Cases

Date:               March 10, 2017


This session includes:

1. Criminal Evidence in Family Law Cases:The Key Issues Every Family Lawyer Needs to Know presented by Richard Niman

Topics Include:

  • How you can and cannot make use of criminal evidence in the family law proceeding (and vice versa)
  • When is a Wagg motion available and how to use it
  • Requesting disclosure from the police
  • Issues of “lawyer as witness” in the criminal context
  • Evidence Act protections for questioning and trial related issues
  • Evidentiary precautions to avoid jeopardizing the criminal proceeding for the accused or the victim 

2. The Intersection between Family Law and Criminal Law: Practice Management Issues

An experienced panel discussing the following issues:   

  • Types of Orders and how and when to apply for variation
  • Domestic violence charges and the various issues that arise
  • When do harassing social media posts and phone calls cross the line and become criminal?
  • Can Home Assessment Reports and child protection documents be used in criminal proceedings?
  • Should you represent a client in both their criminal and family matter?

Panel: Richard Niman, Niman Gelgoot  and Associates   |   Jennifer Mann, Manitoba Justice, Prosecutions Division   |   Josh Weinstein, Myers Weinberg LLP

Moderator:     Jessica Dillon, Tapper Cuddy LLP

Run Time:         1.5  hours

MCPD hours:    1.5 hours

EPPM hours:     0.25 hours

Price:                $50+ GST ($52.50)