Anatomy of a Child Protection Matter: From Apprehension up Until Trial
December 2, 2016

This program will lead you through the various stages of a child protection matter from apprehension up until trial and will address some of the challenging issues and ambiguities in the process and how to deal with them effectively. This program offers an informative series of discussions between agency and parents’ counsel, a master and judges from the Provincial Court and Queen’s Bench. Topics include:

An introduction to ANCR: its mandate, role and relationship to other agencies Disclosure and particulars: differing approaches between agencies and recent jurisprudence Interim proceedings: Watson hearings, motions, summary judgements, transfer proceedings, court ordered parent capacity assessments and the new interim hearing

  • Pre-trials: what to include in your pre-trial brief, how to prepare your case and your client, urban vs. rural approach and what can and can’t be done.

Justice William Johnston, Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench (Family Division)
Justice Regan Thatcher, Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench (Family Division)
Master Carol Sharp, Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench
Judge Jean McBride, Provincial Court of Manitoba
David Joycey, Barrister & Solicitor
Harold (Sonny) Cochrane, D’Arcy and Deacon LLP
Darryl Buxton, Myers Weinberg LLP
Jessica Dillon, Tapper Cuddy LLP
Karen Webb, Burgess Law Office
Meredith Mitchell, Legal Aid Manitoba
Sandy Stoker, All Nations Coordinated Response Network (ANCR)

CPD hours: 3.5
EPPM hours: 1.5

Price: $125.00 + GST = $131.25 50% Discount: $62.50 + GST = $65.63

The Lawyer’s Guide to Understanding and Interpreting Drug Test Results
February 23, 2017

If you practice criminal law, child protection law, employment law or any other area of law and have had to deal with drug tests, this program is for you. It will cover the following:

What are the different types of drug tests and what do they test for? What are the cultural issues that arise and how can they be dealt with? What factors can impact the test results?

  • How do elimination rates and levels work?
  • How accurate are test results? What do you do with a hospital report?

Dr. Daniel Sitar, Dept. of Internal Medicine (Clinical Pharmacology Section), University of Manitoba
Dr. Waylon Hunt, CEO, Intrinsic Analytics Inc., Bio Information Services
Cecil Sveinson, Senior Investigator, Independent Investigation Unit

CPD hours: 1.5
EPPM hours: 0

Price: $50.00 + GST = $52.50 50% Discount: $25.00 + GST = $26.25