The 2019 Child Protection Program focused on the need for counsel to adopt a modern, collaborative approach to child protection matters. Experienced practitioners shared tools for resolution that lawyers across the province can use to creatively and effectively explore settlement options. Members of the judiciary provided their observations. The day was rounded out with the ever-popular case law and legislation update and an update on court procedures.

2019 Child Protection - Part 1 of 4
November 29, 2019

Jointly presented with the Court of Queen’s Bench Judges and the Provincial Court Judges

Drug Testing and Reading
Agency counsel, parents’ counsel and a physician specializing in addictions medicine discuss the use of drug tests in child protection matters and the issues that can arise for lawyers and judges trying to understand what the results really mean. The presentation includes the review of a complex real-life case scenario with reference to the client’s anonymized drug test results.

Topics of this panel discussion include:

  • Common myths of Agency drug testing of parents.
  • What are the differences between the tests: hair follicle; urine; saliva; blood?
  • What factors affect the rate at which an individual metabolizes a drug?
  • How does drug use affect parenting ability?

Moderator: Justice Gwen B. Hatch, Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench, Family Division

Kris Janovcik, Tapper Cuddy LLP
Lynda Grimes, Overall, Grimes
Dr. Ginette Poulin, Addictions Foundation of Manitoba

CPD hours: 1.75
EPPM hours: 0.5

Price: $70.00 + GST = $73.50

2019 Child Protection - Part 2 of 4
November 29, 2019

Jointly presented with the Court of Queen’s Bench Judges and the Provincial Court Judges

Dauphin Provincial Court Experience
Over the past few years there has been a significant reduction in child protection matters appearing in Dauphin Provincial Court; resolution is frequently happening at the docket level. This panel discussion will give you direct insight into new approaches taken by parents’ counsel, Agency counsel and the Court to facilitate the communication and collaboration that leads to the successful resolution of files. The panellists, along with the moderator, share not only their philosophical views on how best to achieve resolution but also discuss tangible steps, such as:

  • When and why to request particulars
  • Weekly teleconferences between agency and parents’ counsel
  • Email communication from counsel to the court in the days just prior to docket
  • Flexibility and quicker access to court time

Moderator: Judge Christine Harapiak, Provincial Court of Manitoba

Desiree Dorion, Dawson & Bretecher
Terrance DeLaronde, Cochrane Saxberg Barristers & Solicitors

Intake Court and How to Prepare an Effective Brief
This panel discussion emphasizes the importance of an effective Intake Court Brief. The moderator notes the valuable role it plays in the court process and the pursuit of a possible resolution of the case. Discusses the purpose the Brief serves for the parents, the agency, and their respective counsel, in preparing for court, and how a well-written Brief assists the judge. You will hear from three experienced counsel who regularly appear in Intake Court, each sharing the perspective of one of the three main parties to a child protection matter; parents’ counsel, agency counsel and counsel for the child. They discuss the sample, “road-map” Intake Court Brief they each prepared, with their recommendations about the content to include in each section. You will want to hear their practical tips on how to write an informative but concise Intake Court Brief.

Moderator: Justice Kaye E. Dunlop, Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench, Family Division

Darryl Buxton, Myers LLP
Meredith Mitchell, Legal Aid Manitoba-Child Protection Law Office
David Joycey, Barrister & Solicitor

CPD hours: 1.25
EPPM hours:

Price: $60.00 + GST = $63.00

2019 Child Protection - Part 3 of 4
November 29, 2019

Jointly presented with the Court of Queen’s Bench Judges and the Provincial Court Judges

Northern Manitoba and Rural, Southwestern Manitoba
Child protection case plans commonly include a requirement for parents to attend treatment, education and/or counselling programs. Find out about the resources available to families involved with the child protection system in the North and in rural, Southwestern Manitoba. In addition to providing basic information about the types of addiction, mental health and parenting programs that exist, the presenters share their insights about the difficulties that clients may face in getting access to these limited resources.

Judge Alain Huberdeau, Provincial Court of Manitoba
Spencer Weisensel, Legal Aid Manitoba
Karen Webb, Burgess Law Office

Winnipeg – Family Group Conferencing, Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata
The Family Group Conferencing (FGC) program has been very successful in preventing children being taken into care and in reuniting children in care with their parents. This is a voluntary program where parents come together with their close and extended family to develop a care plan for their children, while they access the resources and courses they need to resume parenting of their children. The family receives guidance from the Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre throughout the FGC process and continued support after. The presenter discusses the program’s philosophy and its indigenous cultural underpinnings, as well as the “nuts and bolts” such as:

  • Criteria for a family to become an FGC client
  • How referrals can be made
  • The relationship between the FGC program and care plan, the agency and the court

Presenter: Jackie Anderson, Mama Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre

CPD hours: 1.25
EPPM hours: 0.25

Price: $60.00 + GST = $63.00

2019 Child Protection - Part 4 of 4
November 29, 2019

Jointly presented with the Court of Queen’s Bench Judges and the Provincial Court Judges

Update on Court Procedures
An update on the changes in the Court of Queen’s Bench, Family Division, as a result of the implementation of family law case flow in February 2019, and further changes planned for January 2020. Topics include:

  • Private guardianship applications (initiated by way of family file)
  • Applications under Child Abuse Registry provisions
  • Notice period for access motions
  • Applications with a significant amount of material to be filed

Presenter: Senior Master Frederick Lee, Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench

Case Law & Legislation Update
An informative and entertaining review of key decisions rendered since the last update at the 2018 Child Protection Program and important cases that are under appeal. Also touches on the federal Act respecting First Nations, Inuit and Métis children, youth and families (in force on January 1, 2020), which profoundly affects how courts and agencies will deal with child protection cases involving Indigenous children.

Presenter: Michael Clark, Myers LLP

CPD hours: 1
EPPM hours: 0

Price: $55.00 + GST = $57.75