Forensic Psychiatry: What Lawyers Need to Know
March 16, 2015

Forensic psychiatry is a reality for many accused persons. There are a number of options to consider when you suspect that a mental illness may be impacting your client’s behaviour and decision-making ability. It is important to understand the practical, legal and health implications of the options as you advocate for your client. Our expert panel will provide guidance on determining which process (NCR, Mental Health Court or is it just a mitigating factor) is appropriate for your client’s best interests. At this program you will learn about:

  • The basics of mental illness
  • Practicalities and process of fitness assessments
  • Changes to the Mental Health Court
  • Board of Review
  • Role of the expert giving testimony
  • And much more!

Moderator: Sarah Inness, Campbell Gunn Inness

Dr. Jeff Waldman, Medical Director of Adult Forensic Services, Health Sciences Centre
Ken Mackenzie, Manager of Community Forensic Mental Health Services, WHRA

CPD hours: 1.5
EPPM hours:

Price: $50.00 + GST = $52.50

Manitoba's New Mental Health Court
October 10, 2012

Manitoba’s Mental Health Court began hearing cases in May 2012. This new court is supported by a multi-disciplinary team and could be an excellent opportunity for your client. In order to access the court certain parameters and processes must be followed. Join us for this session presented by key members of the “Mental Health Court team” to be sure of:

  • The criteria that must be met for an accused to qualify
  • The application process
  • How the program works
  • What your role as counsel will be

Chair: The Honourable Judge John Guy, Provincial Court of Manitoba

Susan Helenchilde, Justice MB Public Prosecutions
Ken MacKenzie, Winnipeg Regional Health Authority
Peter Tonge, Legal Aid MB - Phoenix Community Law Centre
Dr. Frank Vattheuer, Health Sciences Centre Forensic Psychiatry

CPD hours: 1.5
EPPM hours: 0

Price: $75.00 + GST = $78.75

Criminal Law Context
December 1, 2015

Learn from our experienced panel how to effectively handle various situations in your criminal defence practice involving self-represented litigants. Topics will include:

  • When to bring a Rowbotham application
  • When to bring a Section 486 motion
  • Appointment of counsel for cross examination: How is counsel appointed? Can the accused choose their counsel? What is the scope of defence counsel's role?
  • The role of Amicus Curiae and when you should seek an appointment
  • An overview of the recent case law and considerations from the judicial perspective
  • Practice management issues

Judge Anne Krahn, Provincial Court of Manitoba
Sarah Inness, Campbell Gunn Inness
Jennifer Mann, Prosecutions Division, Manitoba Justice

CPD hours: 1
EPPM hours: 1

Price: $40.00 + GST = $42.00