Title:               Fireside Chat on Coady and L.M.K. v. J.M.K

Date:               March 4, 2016

Description: Two recent Manitoba decisions which apply some of the concepts to be discussed throughout the day are Coady v. Coady and L.M.K. v. J.M.K.  Robynne Kazina will engage in a conversation with The Honourable Mr. Justice William Johnston about his decisions in these cases.  Each case required a determination of the income of the payor.  In the first case, the payor's income source was a closely held corporation where the Court had the benefit of conflicting expert opinions from each party.  In the latter case, the payor had two income sources, T4 employment income and self-employed farming income, where the question of "allowable deductions" from gross earnings was left to the Court to consider.

Presenters:      The Honourable Mr. Justice William Johnston,   MB Court of Queen’s Bench (Family Division) |   Robynne Kazina, Taylor McCaffrey LLP

Run Time:          0.75 hours

MCPD hours:    0.75 hours

EPPM hours:     0.0 hours

Price:                $35 + GST ($36.75)