Title:               Retirement and Non-Recurring Sources of Income /The Unemployed and Under-Employed

Date:               March  4, 2016


Retirement and the Potpourri of Non-Recurring Sources of Income
Increased life expectancy, the wave of retiring baby boomers and recent economic downturns make this an increasingly prevalent topic for family lawyers.  This session will answer common questions on retirement and other non-recurring income sources, including:

  • What does the concept of “material change in circumstances” mean in the context of retirement?
  • If your client has a spousal support obligation, should they retire first and then then apply for a variation, or vice versa?
  • Is it reasonable to stop working overtime following a separation?
  • How have the courts treated capital gains, double dipping and RRSP income?
  • Should the court be in the business of creating a financial plan for elderly litigants?

The Unemployed & Under-Employed: A Review of the Issues and a Case Law Update
Brush up on the legal issues and the leading case law related to imputation of income including:

  • Disability, maternity, part-time work, mental health issues, addictions and second families
  • Imputing income by operation of law
  • Finding undeclared income
  • The role of blameworthy conduct
  • Importance of pleadings and evidence in imputing income cases
  • Circumstances when income is and is not imputed
  • Grossing up for unpaid tax when imputing income

Presenters:      Alfred Mamo, McKenzie Lake Lawyers, LLP  | Lisa Fainstein, Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Manitoba

Run Time:          1.5 hours

MCPD hours:    1.5 hours

EPPM hours:      0 hours

Price:                $50 + GST ($52.50)