For the Sake of the Children...For Lawyers
October 31, 2017

Has a client ever asked you any of the following questions?

My kids don’t want to go for their weekend visit, what should I do?/ He cancelled his scheduled visit with the kids, what should I tell them?/ The kids are blaming me for the separation, but she was the one who cheated, can I tell them the truth?/ He wants to come to gymnastics but it’s my day with the kids, can I stop him?/ She wants to bring her boyfriend to our son’s hockey game, is that allowed?

You want to be helpful to your client but do you know how you should respond? This session will provide you with information given to parents who attend For the Sake of the Children program offered to parents by Family Conciliation, but in a condensed format and tailored to focus on the information most relevant to lawyers. Topics include:  

  • The Separation Experience
  • Children’s Developmental Issues
  • Children’s Reactions
  • Emotional Separation – the grieving process – both from a parent’s and a child’s perspective – there is a difference!
  • Services offered by Family Conciliation
  • Economic Separation – both from a parent’s and a child’s perspective
  • Children’s Needs for Boundaries
  • The Cost of Conflict/ The Benefits of Cooperation
  • Ongoing Parenting and Communication
  • Ongoing Relationships with Extended Families
  • New Partners

Presenter: Kathy Balagus, Coordinator, Family Conciliation Services

CPD hours: 1.5 | EPPM hours: 0 | Price: $50.00 + GST = $52.50