2019 Isaac Pitblado Lectures - Part 3 of 3
November 8, 2019
Jointly presented by The Law Society of Manitoba, The Manitoba Bar Association and The University of Manitoba Faculty of Law

Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID): How Does the Process Work?
This presentation gives you the “what, who, when, where, how and why” of medical assistance in dying (MAID), as explained clearly and thoroughly by a social worker on the provincial MAID clinical team. Covers the basics of who can provide MAID, the eligibility criteria for who can and cannot receive MAID, when and where MAID can take place, how the MAID application process works, how MAID is administered to the individual, and the common themes why individuals seek MAID.  

Presenter: Tanis Newsham, Provincial MAID Clinical Team

MAID Constitutional Issues
Beginning with the Carter v. Canada (Attorney General) case which deemed the criminal laws prohibiting assistance in dying to be a violation s.7 of the Charter, covers the key features of the ensuing federal MAID legislation. Discusses where the law is clear, where it is subject to confusion, as well as past and present Charter challenges. Also considers three key issues still to be resolved with respect to MAID access: 

  • mature minors; 
  • advance requests;
  • where mental disorder is the sole underlying medical condition.

Presenter: Grace Pastine, BC Civil Liberties Association

MAID Panel Presentation: Philosophical and Ethical Issues
This panel discussion brings you diverse perspectives on important philosophical and ethical questions such as:

  • To what extent does access to MAID depend on where you live? What are the geographical limitations? What about abstaining facilities?
  • To what extent does the bias of MAID service providers affect how difficult or easy it can be to receive MAID? How is it being determined that an individual’s suffering is intolerable? What if intolerability is related to a lack of adequate resources?
  • What can lawyers tell their clients about the issues unresolved by the federal MAID legislation (advance requests, mature minors and mental disorder as the sole underlying medical condition) which were the subject of Council of Canadian Academies reports in December 2018?

Moderator: John Myers, Taylor McCaffrey LLP

Jennifer Dunsford, WRHA Ethics Services
Professor Nancy Hansen, Disability Studies, University of Manitoba
Grace Pastine, BC Civil Liberties Association

CPD hours: 2 | EPPM hours: 1 | Price: $75.00 + GST = $78.75