Software Development and Commercialization: Contract Basics for Commercial Lawyers
September 22, 2020

In an increasingly on-line world where new technology appears on the market at lightning speed, clients with software ideas look to commercial lawyers for advice on how to safely and profitably develop and commercialize their products. Even when the software will be used in a non-tech industry, intellectual property provisions need to be carefully considered.

Information Technology and Intellectual Property lawyers review the key components of software development agreements and software license agreements. In addition to discussing each of these agreements in general terms, the significant risks are also described in each of these agreements from the perspective of each side – i.e.:

  • third party software developer vs. customer who is paying for the development; and
  • licensor vs. licensee;

and will demonstrate how these risks can be addressed in meaningful negotiations.

David Carrick
, MLT Aikins LLP
Silvia de Sousa, Thompson Dorfman Sweatman LLP

CPD hours: 2.5 | EPPM hours: 0 | Price: $80.00 + GST = $84.00