Estates: Debtors and Creditors – Back Pocket Essentials
April 14, 2021

Designed to offer you guidance with common issues that can arise when dealing with estate debtors and creditors. Whether you are assisting with estate planning or representing any of the parties involved in settling an estate, this session will help you identify, possibly avoid and resolve debtor and creditor issues. Discussion topics include:

  • Solvency and estate administration
  • Priority of debts and claims
  • Priority of assets to satisfy debts
  • Executor liability when dealing with creditors
  • Executor responsibility to pursue estate debtors
  • Beneficiary as debtor/executor as debtor

With a focus on frequent scenarios, you will be provided with practical information and tools to keep in your estate law “back pocket.”

Anita L. Southall, Fillmore Riley LLP
Annika Friesen, Fillmore Riley LLP

CPD hours: 1.5 | EPPM hours: 0 | Price: $65.00 + GST = $68.25