Wills that Work:
Practical and Proficient Drafting

February 24, 2015

A properly drafted Will clearly and effectively encapsulates the wishes of the Testator, however it's not always quite as easy as it may seem.

Drafting Wills is an exercise that lawyers from many different practice areas undertake in day to day practice, yet even experienced lawyers fall prey to some common errors. Whether it's proofreading skills, correct use of precedents, understanding terms such as “per capita” and “per stirpes”, dealing with joint assets or anti-lapse provisions, learn from Eleanor Wiebe, Jennifer Pfuetzner and Caroline Kiva, as they review some of the most common issues in drafting Wills and discuss how to avoid difficulties.

Eleanor Wiebe, Q.C., Fillmore Riley LLP
Caroline Kiva, Pitblado LLP

CPD hours: 3
EPPM hours: 0.5

Price: $105.00 + GST = $110.25