2016 Hot Topics in Wills and Estates
November 8, 2016

Our experienced panel will provide a review of hot topics facing wills and estates practitioners. Topics will include:

  • Estate planning for common-law couples and blended families: how family property laws can impact the distribution of an estate and what strategies will help ensure the estate is distributed in the intended manner
  • Pitfalls of using beneficiary designations and joint property as will substitutes: educating your clients about unintended distributions and tax consequences
  • Family farm transfers: farm property is subject to unusual tax rules, which can reduce or defer tax liability, but restrict how the farmer can deal with the farm - learn to identify and address the issues
  • Review of the legislation and case law in the context of everyday practice

Chair: Eleanor Wiebe, Q.C., Fillmore Riley LLP

Christine Van Cauwenberghe, Investors Group
Andrew Winkless, Brown & Associates Law Office
Leah Kosokowsky, The Law Society of Manitoba

CPD hours: 3
EPPM hours: 0.5

Price: $105 + GST = $110.25

2017 Hot Topics in Wills and Estates
December 7, 2017

Don’t miss this highly informative program featuring experienced counsel Eleanor Wiebe, Q.C. and Caroline Kiva. Topics will include:

  • Issues to address in dealing with U.S. vacation property in wills and estate planning, including self-proving affidavits
  • Rule 74 amendments
  • Powers of Attorney
  • An update on relevant case law
  • Ethical considerations, including “who is my client?
  • Highlights from Drafting Wills in Canada: A Lawyer’s Practical Guide, 2nd Edition

Eleanor Wiebe, Q.C., recently retired from Fillmore Riley LLP
Caroline Kiva, Thompson Dorfman Sweatman LLP

CPD hours: 3
EPPM hours: 0.5

Price: $105.00 + GST = $110.25

Anatomy of an Estate - Part 1
October 16, 2014

This program deals with the basics of estate administration and taxation issues.

John Poyser, Tradition Law LLP
Kevin Antonyshyn, Tradition Law LLP

CPD hours: 2
EPPM hours: 0

Price: $60.00 + GST = $63.00

Anatomy of an Estate - Part 2
October 16, 2014

This part of the presentation deals with Probate issues.

Presenter: Cynthia Hiebert-Simkin, Tradition Law LLP

CPD hours: 1
EPPM hours: 0

Price: $40.00 + GST = $42.00

Changes to Probate Queen’s Bench Rules
June 9, 2017

Amended Queen’s Bench Rules 74.12 and 74.14 will come into effect on July 1, 2017. Attend this session for a discussion of the changes to the Rules and an opportunity to clarify recommended practices.

Justice Herbert Rempel, Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench
Senior Master Frederick Lee, Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench
John Fergusson, Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee of Manitoba 

CPD hours: 0.75
EPPM hours: 0

Price: $35.00 + GST = $36.75

Costs in Estate Litigation: Changes and Trends
November 15, 2017

Join experienced counsel for a discussion of recent changes and current trends in cost awards in estate litigation. Topics include:

  • How are costs being affected by the court’s focus on proportionality?
  • Are offers to settle relevant in determining costs?
  • The court’s use of costs to respond to unreasonable behaviour
  • Costs in the context of passing of accounts
  • The importance of client management
  • And much more!

Dana Nelko, Fillmore Riley LLP  
Annika Friesen, Fillmore Riley LLP  

CPD hours: 1.5
EPPM hours: 0.5

Price: $50.00 + GST = $52.50

Death Bed Wills: Estate Planning Where Capacity is at Issue
December 8, 2009

When a lawyer is called to the hospital to draft a will for a terminally ill client, the situation is demanding and rife with risk. The same is true in other situations where the client suffers from diminished capacity. It is possible to practice both profitable and safely in this dangerous area. This session canvasses case law and suggests best practices.

Presenter: John Poyser, Inkster Christie Hughes LLP

CPD hours: 1.25
EPPM hours: 0

Price: $75.00 + GST = $78.75

Estate Administration for Paralegals & Support Staff
February 17, 2015

As an estate lawyer you want to work with your support staff as a team. You want your assistant to understand the process and their important role. Help your staff to become more proficient by telling them about this program.

Cynthia Hiebert-Simkin and her paralegal, Angela Bowman, will provide an overview of the team process they follow which will include discussions re: division of responsibilities (including what the Code of Conduct says about that), checklists and file organization. This session is about process and work flow so please note that document drafting and filing will NOT be covered.

This program was aimed at support staff but deals with the practical mechanics of dealing with Estate Administration, providing useful tips and checklists for lawyers and support staff alike.

Leah Kosokowsky, The Law Society of Manitoba
Cynthia Hiebert-Simkin, Tradition Law LLP
Angela Bowman, Paralegal, Tradition Law LLP

CPD hours: 1.5
EPPM hours: 0

Price: $50.00 + GST = $52.50

Estate Litigation and Administration
March 16, 2017

Experienced counsel will identify some common litigation issues that arise in estate matters and review how to prepare a passing of accounts. Hear from a Master in the Court of Queen’s Bench and Legal Counsel with the Public Guardian and Trustee on what they each look for when considering an application to pass accounts.

Master Shayne Berthaudin, Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench
John Poyser, Tradition Law LLP
Ken Mandzuik, Tradition Law LLP
Bryan Hyman, The Public Guardian and Trustee
Nicole Hamilton, Pitblado Law LLP

CPD hours: 3.5 
EPPM hours: 0.5

Price: $105.00 + GST = $110.25

Family Trust Tips and Traps
October 20, 2016

This program will focus on common issues and problems that arise in the context of the drafting and use of family trusts. It will include discussion of trust law and tax law issues, including issues concerning identity of settlors and trustees, rules with respect to distribution of property to beneficiaries, corporate association rules and planning for the 21-year deemed disposition rule.

General practitioners, junior lawyers, and those practicing in the areas of corporate law and estate and succession planning will not want to miss this valuable program!

Presenter: Johanna C.C. Caithness, Fillmore Riley LLP

CPD hours: 1
EPPM hours: 0

Price: $55.00 + GST = $57.75